Everyone at Made in the Shade is elated to have David as the newest member of our family of franchise owners. Before joining Made in the Shade, David enjoyed an extraordinarily successful career that will provide a solid foundation for the success and achievements he is sure to have in his new business. We look forward to assisting him throughout this next phase of his career and we are excited to see the heights he can take his new business.


Professional background

As a graduate of Colorado State University in Fort Collins Colorado, David brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his new Made in the Shade business. His background includes over 30 years of executive-level management in the service, operations, and technical sectors. He has held senior management positions leading both entrepreneurial ventures and large companies. The industries served include Oil and Gas, Health and Human Services, General Retail Services, Education, and general IT service solutions.

What hobbies/interests do you enjoy doing in your free time?

My favorite pastime is cooking meals for family and friends. I am from a very large family and my mother taught me how to cook when I was around 12 years old.  Ever since I was a child mealtime was always very important as a health and social part of my life.  I raised my two sons with serious cooking skills and as adults, we frequently have meal “throwdowns” together.

 I married into a construction and handyman family, so I have always enjoyed construction and remodel-based projects around my house and helping my family and friends with the same.  I also love the outdoors and I love to go biking, snowshoeing, gardening, golfing, pickleball, canoeing, and hiking those ridiculously beautiful Colorado Mountains.


Tell us about your family and their interests.

My immediate family is huge. I have 7 brothers and 4 sisters and grew up in the same house with all my siblings in Arvada, Colorado. While at CSU, I met my wife and was married at the ripe old age of 22.  My wife Jodie and I have been married for 34 years and shared the most challenging but best years raising our 2 sons Joshua and Adam.

Jodie has a degree in Construction Management from CSU and has run her own construction scheduling company for close to 30 years.  Our oldest, Joshua, graduated from the University of Minnesota with a bachelor’s degree in construction management just like his mother!  He is currently a Sr. Project Manager in the Industrial HVAC construction and fabrication industry.  My youngest son, Adam,  has a Mechanical Engineering degree from Gonzaga University. He uses his mechanical engineering and leadership skills as a Superintendent of Construction currently deployed at the massive 10-year Denver International Airport renovation/expansion project. 

We all share the same values and feel that family is at the core of everything we do. We all enjoy being active as a family and we cook and entertain together and go biking, Skiing, golfing, pickleball, canoeing, or hiking as often as possible.

What appealed to you about the Made in the Shade opportunity?

I was looking to leverage my corporate experience by doing something that I had a passion for and a departure from the immense pressures of a multi-million-dollar enterprise. I wanted something that fit my home construction and remodel skills, something that gave me the last say on a decision, product, customer, or approach in marketing, growing, or pivoting the business. 

I saw the MITS home-based business as a challenge large enough to take on by myself without having to have the risks of employees, leases and facilities, payroll pressures, and the like.  I saw it as a challenge to learn a whole new world.

 I am a problem solver and I want to help people solve their window-covering challenges.  I’m all about creating a great experience from the consulting phase through to the final installation.


What is your best MITS contact number and business email?

Ph:       (720)-687-5853