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How Much Will I Earn?

How Much Do Made in the Shade Franchise Owners Earn?

Earnings can vary depending on the business skills, the level of commitment, and the drive of the franchisee. You’ve heard the expression, “You will get out of it what you put into it!” This is your business to realize your dream, create financial security, and enjoy the success you deserve! The income earning potential in this industry can be limitless.

As you go through the process of learning more about our concept, you’ll have a chance to speak with Made in the Shade franchise owners and learn from their experiences with their local businesses.


The following are excerpts from a few of our franchisee’s testimonials that should help you understand the income earning potential in our industry:


…”Our business has increased sales by about 300% this year versus our first, full, fiscal year! Matt was able to double his restaurant manager salary within the second fiscal year”

Matt and Kelli Houston, Made in the Shade Austin, TX


“By our second year in business, our sales had more than doubled our first year’s gross revenue. After now being in the business for 4 years, I’ve built my business so that I can make a comfortable living working 25-30 hours a week doing a job that I absolutely love

Louise Jessop, Made in the Shade Halifax, NS


“What I realized after I was in the window treatment business is that every window in every house and business can use blinds. The potential in this business is unlimited, and with Made in the Shade, my dream for financial freedom and success came true for me.”

Scott Wedl, Made in the Shade Madison WI


“I started as the only sales person and now have a sales team of 5 part-time consultants who are paid commissions on their sales. The tremendous earning potential is based on your commitment, motivation, work ethic, and your ability to build relationships. I love every aspect of this business, from working with my clients and sales staff, to office work, to marketing, and installation.”

Kerri Kuefler, Made in the Shade South Central Alberta


“The relatively low start-up costs made it a little less daunting to get started and allowed me to recoup my initial investment pretty quickly. My sales have nearly doubled each year and I look forward to building my team to include additional consultants.”

Janna Kiersnowski, Made in the Shade Lake Mary, FL


Although we have many franchise owners who have more than realized their dreams of earning a substantial, lucrative income, we have put together a chart based on industry averages to give you an idea of potential revenues. Keep in mind that these figures are based on the average sale of our MITS owners being approximately $2400. With an average profit margin of 45-50%, you can see that the income earning possibilities are limitless!

Your Volume of Sales*

(Based on 50 Weeks)

3 Sales

Per Week

5 Sales

Per Week

7 Sales

Per Week

Potential Annual Gross Revenue*

(Based on $2,653 MITS Average Sale)




*Earnings Data is based on FDD effective 4/23/2021.
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There’s a reason Made in the Shade Blinds and More is one of the strongest brands in our business segment. Window coverings are always needed, whether it’s in a new home market, remodeling market, or the ever-expanding commercial market. Window treatments are an in-demand product with solid profit margins. Just drive around your community and you will see that every single home and business is a potential customer!

To request a list of our Made in the Shade franchisees, fill out our online form for more information. We’re happy to put you in touch with them so they can tell you first-hand what they absolutely love about being a Made in the Shade franchise owner!



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