Made in the Shade is pleased to welcome Jeramiah and Jandi Fitzsimmons to the Made in the Shade Family of owners. Their professional backgrounds and inherent determination are ideal for building a highly successful Made in the Shade Business. We are excited to have the opportunity to assist them on their journey.


Professional background

Jeramiah is no stranger to being an entrepreneur. He started his first business, in construction, at the very young age of nineteen. He was licensed in 3 states over his 15 years in the construction trades. Unfortunately, he had to move on from the business due to back issues and landed on his next venture as the owner and operator of a Snap-on Tools Franchise. He owned and operated that business for six and a half years learning a new industry and building a new clientele. After selling that successful franchise, Jeramiah returned to the housing industry as a real estate broker, combining his sales & construction expertise to serve buyers and sellers.

Jandi was a Certified Nursing Assistant for seven years prior to marrying Jeramiah. Since then, she has been his closest ally and business partner in their businesses focusing on administration and accounting. Jandi also provides remote bookkeeping for other business owners.

What hobbies/interests do you enjoy doing in your free time?

Jeramiah loves to be active and enjoys mountain biking, playing table tennis, extended camping trips into the wilderness, cooking new and interesting dishes both in the kitchen and in his wood-fired oven, traveling to new places, and learning about different cultures. He also is an avid coffee enthusiast; roasting, grinding, and crafting coffee at home.

I love to bake, especially pies, enjoy traveling to places where the water is warm, and the beaches are empty. I love drinking coffee that Jeramiah makes, and most of all, spending time with my flowers and garden in season

Tell us about your family and their interests.

Our oldest son, Sabin, enjoys football, disc golfing, and anything with a lot of horsepower. Like Jeramiah, he also enjoys mountain biking, playing table tennis, and camping and prefers being with a few close friends rather than in large crowds.

Levi, our middle child, likes anything loud, fast, and dangerous. He’s definitely the class clown and loves making people laugh. He has a big heart for those less fortunate. When he grows up, he aspires to be an astronaut and live in Wyoming 1,000 miles from anyone else! 

Sierra, our youngest, is the caboose but adds a welcome spice. She likes pretty things, painting, reading, cooking with her dad or all by herself if she’s learned the recipe. She is learning table tennis from her dad, sewing from me, and wants a Lamborghini when she grows up.

What appealed to you about the Made in the Shade opportunity?

We wanted an opportunity to work with our son, who had already been working for another franchisee, to build a business together from the ground up. We all enjoy a challenge and Made in the Shade provided the opportunity to take on something new in a new location.

Having owned a franchise in the past. We know that the support of a system is very helpful when starting a new business. At the same time, not being micro-managed by a franchisor is also important. We saw a nice balance with Made in the Shade.


What is your best MITS contact number and business email?

Ph:         (970)-590-5563