We are beyond excited to welcome Jason and Mindy as the new owners of Made in the Shade in Alpharetta, Georgia. Their professional experience combined with having owned their own retail business in the past is sure to provide a solid foundation from which to launch their new business. We look forward to supporting them to whatever heights they desire to achieve.

The Roadericks are owners of Made in the Shade Alpharetta
Professional background

Jason brings a wealth of sales experience to the new business. His highly successful career in sales includes selling ladies’ apparel, telecom services and investing in real estate. He is also no stranger to being an entrepreneur having owned and operated his own company selling murphy beds.

Mindy shares the involvement in the real estate investment as well as the ownership of the murphy bed business with Jason. Additionally, her 10-years of experience working in the Human Resource Department at a furniture retailer will prove to be valuable for their new Made in the Shade venture.

What hobbies/interests do you enjoy doing in your free time?

Mindy loves an active lifestyle. She enjoys working out and playing pickleball. In her quiet time, she is an avid reader, attends bible study and regularly researches the latest design trends.

I enjoy the outdoors. I love to fish, golf, and play pickleball. I also enjoy watching football and both Mindy and I are always on the lookout for real estate investment opportunities.

The Roaderick family, owners of Made in the Shade Alpharetta
Tell us about your family and their interests.

We have one child, Cole, who was recently married. We are thrilled to welcome our wonderful daughter-in-law, Emily, into our family. Together, we enjoy exploring the city for new and interesting things to do. Especially seeking out new coffee shops along the way. We also like to challenge each other in pickleball matches and watch football together whenever possible.
Our family is rounded out by our dog Bentley and cat, Raj.

The Roadericks dog
The Roaderick's cat, owners of Made in the Shade Alpharetta
What appealed to you about the Made in the Shade opportunity?

Our journey to become a part of the Made in the Shade family started with a strong desire to own a small family business. As we explored various opportunities, the cleverness of the Made in the Shade name caught our attention. One we began to interact with the corporate team and existing franchise owners, it became increasingly evident that this would be a perfect fit for us. We felt that this is the right industry and that we would get all of the support we need to reach our goals.

Alpharetta, GA home of Made in the Shade Alpharetta.