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MITS Conference

The Made in the Shade Annual Conference is the most anticipated event of the year and brings franchise owners together for the ultimate learning and social experience. It’s where old friends are reunited and new relationships are forged that last a lifetime.

Our entire network of Made in the Shade owners are as passionate to help others succeed as they are about their own success. Conference is where we encourage each other for the months ahead, share successes, challenges and best practices on sales, marketing, operations and tips and tricks. It’s what we learn from each other that brings the most profound success. New franchise owners are always welcomed with open arms and gain incredible insights from veteran owners who know what it’s like to launch a new business.

Our product manufacturers are there as well to educate us on new product innovations and market trends and for them to listen to MITS owners to understand how they can continually develop ways to bolster our success as a brand.

Our Made in the Shade family never stops learning, challenging each other or growing. We offer various training sessions throughout the year conducted by our manufacturer and service partners to ensure our owners are up to date on product offerings, technology and tools that provide the competitive edge in your market.

When it comes to a network of people who are on your side, you’ve got it Made in the Shade! Discover how you can join our dynamic team today by filling out the form on this page and taking that next step!