Why You?

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Control your destiny

Why should you start your own business?

Starting your own business can be a transformative and rewarding endeavor. First and foremost, it allows you to pursue your passion and also offers the opportunity for financial independence with complete control over establishing the work/life balance desired. There is no better personal satisfaction than building something from scratch and being your own boss. And when you have a proven business model as a Made in the Shade Franchise Owner, you have the support and resources that help to pave the road to success.

I like the personal challenge

“Flexibility & Freedom”

You want freedom & flexibility

Like most entrepreneurs, you’re looking for a way to gain freedom and flexibility — not just in your schedule, but in your life overall. You make the rules. You set the policies.

You want to work for yourself

This is the root of every entrepreneur’s drive. You’ve tried the corporate world and are looking for something better for you and your family.

You want a business that offers quality products

The success of any business is highly dependent on the quality of the products and services offered. Made in the Shade has aligned with the best manufacturers in the industry with premium quality and generous warranties.

You want to set your own hours

Your hours are your own. Make time for your business and for your family. Schedule a time to take the dogs to the park. Go to your children’s or grandchildren’s ball games and dance recitals. YOU control your time, not someone else.

You're tired of making money for someone else

This is the root cause of what drives people to start a business. Working for an employer means that they are in control of what the compensation will be in reward for your contributions. Owning your own business means you reap the rewards of your success.