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Our Made in the Shade family is passionate about helping you find the right fit in your pursuit of owning your own business. We are there to guide franchisees every step of the way. From clearly defining your exclusive sales territory to setting up a productive home office, to your grand opening and beyond.

To start the process, submit the brief online form, we will email or call you within a 24-hour period. We’ll be able to review your franchise opportunity and answer any initial questions you might have.

Throughout the process, our management team will be there to assist you in any way we can. We want to ensure that you are making the best decision for your career and financial future.

The process also includes your due diligence process during which you will be able to speak directly to our existing franchisees about their experience with Made in the Shade. You’ll find that they will be very open to answering whatever questions you might have.

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Typical Investment

The typical investment for a Made in the Shade franchise starts as low as $64,000 USD for a generous and exclusive sales territory. Additional territories may be available at a discounted rate. Unlike most other franchises, once you pay the initial Made in the Shade franchise fee, you will not owe a monthly royalty or ongoing fee. The revenue you earn is yours.

On behalf of our entire team at Made in the Shade Blinds and More, thank you for taking the time to learn about our franchise opportunity. We look forward to hearing from you!
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