Made in the Shade is thrilled to welcome Shane Coleman and Marti Green as new Made in the Shade owners in North Central Florida. Like so many of our owners, Shane and Marti come from careers well outside the window fashions or design industry. However, they bring great work ethic and life experience that will aid them tremendously as they launch and grow their new Made in the Shade business! We will happily provide all the support necessary each step of the way.

Professional background

Shane and Marti have both served as first responders for the past 30-years. They are currently serving as paramedics on ambulances, but 25 of the 30 years were spent as firefighter paramedics. During their impressive career they were both company officers leading and training teams of crew members as they come through the ranks. They have experience in classroom training and teaching on the job. Prior to their career as paramedics, Marti worked in the insurance industry and Shane was in the retail sector.


What hobbies/interests do you enjoy doing in your free time?

We both love outdoor activities. We play in a softball league in both men’s and co-ed divisions, love to kayak the local river and spring areas and we both own a Kawasaki Vulcan 1600s. We love our rides while we take in the beautiful scenery on the water and along the roads. Another one of our passions is doing home projects. We are constantly changing the landscape of our home. We host dinners with the kids and their friends as often as possible and flourish as a blended family.


Tell us about your family and their interests.

Marti is originally from Baltimore, Maryland. She has two adult sons, Matt (22) and Mason (20) who work for a successful local family plumbing business. Both of the boys are definitely finding their way in the world. They both are super excited about the Made in the Shade adventure and are enthusiastic about the future of the family business. They both want to be involved from the start in building it from the ground up. They are very interested in all aspects of the business from installing to sales consulting and to having a 360-degree view of how we operate the business.

I am from Williston Florida, a small town in the North Central part of the state. Like Marti, I have two adult children, Jordyn (20) and Austin (18). Jordyn currently works for Bass Pro Shops and loves the cosmetology industry. As is the case with Marti’s sons, my children are equally excited about the new family business. Jordyn is most interested in being a sales consultant assisting customers in making their home the design space they are dreaming of. Austin is a senior in high school and has a strong interest in the installation aspect of the business. Currently, he is a standout football and baseball player for his school having earned several awards and nominations to state level teams and has several college scholarship offers.


What appealed to you about the Made in the Shade opportunity?

Marti’s sister, Julie Boswell, has been a MITS owner for several years. We watched her rapidly grow her business and we were able to witness to the benefits of being an entrepreneur. Given the decades that both of us served as first responders working long 24-hour shifts, we are ready to put this career behind us and start this new journey building a business of our own. We are confident where we can take this business and know we can achieve our goals with the support from MITS. Julie can never say enough about the family atmosphere at MITS. The growth and industry recognition proves that it is a stellar organization. The other opportunities we investigated just did not fit our vision and didn’t feel like a match for us.  

What is your best MITS contact number and business email? 

Ph:  (352)-366-1736