Part 1 in a Series

One of the greatest sources of satisfaction in what I do is helping clients make good decisions regarding their future. It’s satisfying, rewarding, and, in my own small way, I’ve helped a person change their life for the better.

How does this happen? In much the way you think it would – by understanding the client’s skillsets and abilities, and getting to know their goals and aspirations. Every person is different, so this is not a “one size fits all endeavor.” Once I learn more about each unique client, it gives me the opportunity to share research, experiences, information, and insight from being a subject matter expert that has literally worked with hundreds of people in the same situation. It’s really very simple: Learn about them, and share with them information and experiences that will be helpful in their situation. Generally, since this all takes a little time, one of the great benefits of what I do is really getting to know my clients. My experience has been that these are some of the most wonderful people you could ever encounter.

Every now and then though, I get the client who, with the best of intentions, expects the impossible….”Eddie, I want to do this, or at least I think I do, but I need to be 100% certain before I can move forward.” Wow….100%? That’s literally perfection! The question is, how can we be 100% certain that we are making the right decision? The answer is, we can’t!!! 100% certainty is only available in hindsight, which by definition doesn’t occur until after the decision to move forward is made. My experience has been that this is such a fundamental axiom that a person either understands it intuitively when I make them aware of it, or no amount of sharing can get them past it. When this happens, it is truly tragic. A person who has the skill sets and qualifications to truly take control of their life and move forward, and they can’t!!! Why? Because in this case, they have set an impossible standard of 100% certainty or perfection for their criteria for action.

So, the question should be, “When can I feel comfortable that I am making the right decision?” This is exactly the topic I will address in Part 2 of this series.

About the Author: Edward Miller has a 25+ yr. career in business development in both the US and Internationally. He is the founder of one of the premier franchise consulting firms in the US and has worked with a multitude of clients across a broad array of industries.

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