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“Our Sales Have Doubled!”

I decided to take the plunge as a franchisee almost two years ago. In that time, I’ve not only quickly made back my full investment, but my sales for 2015 are almost double what they were in the same period of 2014. 

I live in a mid-sized town with a very active real estate market thanks to a military base, giving us a constant flow of opportunity in new homes. Plus, the remodeling market is thriving as well. Our challenge has been to meet the “big box store” mentality in a market that has seven Walmart locations, but when we educate the real difference between our products and off-the-shelf cutdowns, it makes for a huge opportunity.

cathy-matt-david-300x200So when I couple great service with the MITS proven business model and advertising techniques, it’s a constant flow of great leads and fantastic sales. We are honored to work with local families with their window treatment needs. And the referrals keep coming!

David W. Shelton
Clarksville, Tennessee
Made in the Shade Clarksville


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