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“My world is forever changed!”

There are not enough words to express my gratitude towards Cathy Morse and Made in the Shade.

My life has been forever changed. I knew as a 12-year old I would one day own my own company. After countless failed multi-level companies, a nasty divorce, and going from a stay-at-home mom to a full-time, single working mom, to a newlywed with 6 blended kids, I KNEW I had to find my destiny.

A friend of mine had purchased another window treatment franchise about 2 years ago. It piqued my interest to say the least. I was given a book called Franchise MBA. After breezing through the book in about 2 days, I decided to hire a franchise broker. This was a good and eye-opening experience. My first broker just kept pushing me to Budget Blinds and I later found out he was getting huge kickbacks…not okay for someone truly seeking unbiased advice. I let him go and found a great broker. He was super helpful and truly listened. However, it was my boyfriend at the time (later to become my husband) who actually found Made in the Shade.

Just before getting ready to pull the trigger on this other CRAZY expensive franchise, he talked me into researching Made in the Shade. BOY… was I lucky! I spoke with Eddie Miller via phone and then soon spoke with Cathy Morse, the founder and CEO. My heart knew instantly that this was my destiny!!! There was just something different about this company. They cared and they were genuine. I spoke with a handful of other franchise owners and everyone repeated the same words: “amazing….life-changing….like a family.” Before long I had left my full-time interior design career and started working from home to be more available for our 6 kids and a busy, busy life, as you can imagine.

I purchased my franchise in August 2018. Thanks to my previous contacts and living in my same town for over 30 years I had two jobs sold before I even made it to training in San Antonio. The training was spectacular. It was a close-knit group of 5 women (the first all-women group since their beginning!) It was so hands-on, individualized, and just fun! I was immediately able to implement everything I learned once I arrived home. I won’t lie, the training that follows the 5-day training is much more intense, but I was determined to stick it out.

I’ve sold right at $72,000 in about 2 months. The only other thing I really have to contribute my success to is social media. I post like a crazy lady. Everywhere I go now people stop me and say “I saw your post…I loved those shades you posted…you do those kind?…”

I feel it’s important to include all of the above information because these were the exact reviews I heard when researching this franchise. I have truly become family with Cathy Morse and Josh and Jess Morse. I wake up every single morning thanking the Lord for this amazing opportunity that I found. My world is forever changed!


Jenni Devenny


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