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“Cannot Say Enough About the Made in the Shade Family”

When we were looking for opportunities we wanted something that we could build a family business around and be able to pass down to our kids. We wanted an organization that shared our values, work ethic, humbleness, and caring approach to work and life. We wanted a group that would support us, provide a solid understanding of the industry, a group to leverage their resources & experience, and be an ongoing sounding board for advice, suggestions and support as we grow.

We had extremely high expectations. Cathy, Josh, and her team have been a blessing for us. Easy to work with, caring, knowledgeable, and always willing to help. They know the products and the industry and work tirelessly to leverage relationships for Made in the Shade that benefit each Franchise Owner. Financially they align themselves with their owners. They make money when the franchise owners make money. They are always willing to listen to new ideas, foster a team environment within their franchise community, and never forget a special day for any of their owners. They are excellent business owners but more importantly they are better people.

Thank you for offering us an amazing opportunity to build a successful sustainable business for our family.

John and Heather Proctor


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