In February 2020, we completed another successful conference in San Diego, CA! Thank you to all of our wonderful new and veteran owners, our vendors, and everyone who put in their blood, sweat and tears to make sure our Made in the Shade family had the opportunity to come together once again to share, learn, reunite, and have fun! We would like to thank our wonderful sponsors, Custom Brands Group (manufacturer of Alta Window Fashions) and Springs Window Fashions (manufacturer of the Graber brand) and Horizons Window Fashions. They were very generous to welcome and inform us on the latest product introductions and enhancements.

As always, we kicked things off with a wonderful reception where old friends were reunited, and new ones were warmly welcomed. With MITS reputation as truly feeling like a family, you could hardly tell the difference! Being in San Diego, we were lucky enough to only be about 20 miles from Rosarito Beach, Mexico where our popular Alta Window Fashions are fabricated. We were honored to be able to tour the factory and all were impressed by the enormous 230,000 square foot, immaculately clean space, which annually produces millions of the blinds and shades our owners sell. We then enjoyed a traditional Mexican feast followed by a stroll on the beautiful beach of Rosarito before returning to San Diego.

With so many successful owners among our MITS family, we spent the remainder of our conference gathering and sharing one another’s “secrets of success” and best practices. As always, we also honored our top 10 sales performers!

Congratulations to our Top 10 Sales Performers:

  1. Andy and Courtney Morstatter – Denver, CO
  2. Josh and Jessica Morse and team – San Antonio, TX
  3. Matt and Kelli Houston and team – Austin, TX
  4. Mike Kirby and Ron Carter – Little Rock, AR
  5. John and Heather Proctor – Raleigh, NC
  6. Scott Wedl and team – Madison, Wisconsin
  7. Jake Garriga – Peachtree City, GA
  8. Jeremy and Aubri Nienhuser – Kansas City, KS
  9. Dean DeAscentis – Placer County, CA
  10. Lana Smith – North DFW, TX

This is only the beginning for these amazing teams and without a doubt, you will soon see new names on our next top ten list! As a team and a family, we are not only commited and loyal to our business model, but dedicated to one another’s success. Our conferences are a chance to rekindle old friendships and create new ones, but they also offer an opportunity to learn from one another, which can be priceless. Whether you’re already a top sales team or just coming onboard, gathering information and advice about general business practices and resources is invaluable information the we can all implement in our businesses in order to take them to a whole new level!

Considering everything learned, friendships formed, and time spent getting to know everyone, many of our first-time conference attendees never miss another conference and no two are ever the same! There is always more to learn, better ways to grow your business, new people to meet, and of course, our coveted family reunions! Thank you to everyone who attended and all of our sponsors. We hope to see you at the next MITS conference!