Made in the Shade Blinds and More is excited to welcome new owners and business partners, Scott and Larry from lovely Clearwater, Florida. Living in this famously beautiful beach city, Scott and Larry both enjoy the boating life. You can also find Scott on any of the exquisite Clearwater golf courses or beaches, while Larry prefers attending sporting events, concerts, and music festivals.

Considering their backgrounds, the partnership that Scott and Larry offer as Made in the Shade owners is optimal, not only to the company as a whole, but to their team and, most importantly, their clients. Scott has a career background in finance, which will compliment Larry’s prior career as project manager for a large commercial general contractor.

For Scott and Larry, the biggest appeal to the Made in the Shade franchise opportunity was the amount of territory available in their area. They were also impressed with the line of products available and the small, family-like feel of the group of owners. Right from the beginning, however, their point of contact, Eddie, made a terrific first impression as “an excellent salesman,” teaching them how to get started on the road to success.

Scott and Larry have ambitious plans for their first year of business. They plan to service the existing network of customers in their area, learn about and become more comfortable with all the different product selections, then get into a groove where they are able to sell, sell, sell! Eventually, they are hoping to hire a salesperson to ultimately help them sell from each of Made in the Shade’s world class vendors.

Long-term, Larry and Scott look forward to utilizing their short-term goals to set themselves up for success and becoming proud business owners. We want to “create a profitable business that provides homeowners with window treatments in a timely and friendly manner.”

This is definitely an undeniable business partnership on the road to success. Welcome, Larry and Scott, to Made in the Shade Blinds and More! We can’t wait to watch your business grow! Best of luck!

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