What a privilege to have welcomed such a stellar group of our newest Made in the Shade owners! We nicknamed this group with the theme “It’s Raining Men,” as it was the first time we had an all-male group! By the end of the week, these four men had established such a bond that they vowed to remain in constant touch and planned to reunite by attending all regional trainings together. That camaraderie was such a great thing to witness!

We had a week full of guest vendor trainers and, of course, a real fan favorite: our Measuring Field Trip day! This group was exceptionally sharp and shared a lot in common. All had previously owned a business along their career path, so they had shared experience in operating a business. This is normally not a common denominator in our MITS demographics! In fact, two of our newest members came from owning their own stone/granite business. That was quite an interesting coincidence! We also had a retired Colonel from the Air Force who flipped over 12 homes between his deployments across the globe, and a seasoned interior designer with over 25 years of field experience and an extensive portfolio.

Introducing our newest group of outstanding MITS franchisees:

  • Mike Kirby – Little Rock, Arkansas
  • Ron Carter – Little Rock, Arkansas
  • Maurice Mitchell – Indian Trail, North Carolina
  • Tony Rich – Newtown, Philadelphia

It was a fabulous week with a lot of new and exciting information to process. All were eager to return home and keep the momentum going. Mike and Ron had 5 appointments scheduled for the week of their return, so kudos to them!

We sincerely wish this newest MITS team the greatest of achievements and prosperity in their new careers. As always, we pledge our support toward their ongoing success.