Congratulations to our newest Made in the Shade franchisees who just completed our February 2017 training class! What an outstanding new group of talented, highly motivated, and ambitious entrepreneurs. It was such a great week and everyone is excited to get back home and start building their new window covering businesses!

Among our esteemed group, we welcomed 4 new franchisees to our MITS family:

During our 5-day training, we explored many new products and learned all about the highlights and benefits of each of our product lines. We featured some guest vendor trainers who did a wonderful job educating our new franchisees on their products. One of the national trainers told us that Made in the Shade members were among her favorite groups to train, as she said we have such a unique culture and warm, family-like feel. She further commented that we have the highest caliber of hard-working, enthusiastic, and motivated people with which she has ever worked! That made me even more proud of our stellar group!

One of the biggest concerns our new franchisees express is “How will we ever learn all these new products??!!” We always confidently reassure our newbies not to worry about it until you face it. Education is key and we are all constantly learning about the latest innovations and technologies in our industry. We support our members well beyond our initial training with on-site vendor training, exclusive webinars, marketing and sales support, and a SUPER generous group of fellow MITS team members who are always ready to lend a helping hand with a tip or two!

Our measuring field trip is always a highlight and this one was no exception. Our practice homesite had every type of window application imaginable, so we were excited to have this kind of hands-on experience. Every participant walked away feeling like the expert! (Well, almost expert level.) Our foolproof laser measuring tool makes measuring a cinch! Everyone was able to breathe a lot easier when they saw how simplified our measuring really is.

It truly was a wonderful week spent with an amazing group of new MITS franchisees. We are thrilled to journey with them as they successfully build their new window covering businesses. We extend our most sincere and warm congratulations to each of them.