Made in the Shade Blinds and More is proud to welcome Dana and John Briggs of Prince William County, Virginia! This successful, driven, enthusiastic power couple is an exciting addition to the MITS family. As loving parents and grandparents, they strive to secure a future for their family by investing hard work infused with personal values and ethics.

Currently, Dana is an executive assistant, while John has had a 35 year career in Telecom and IT. Earning his BA and MBA later in life has proven to bode well for his chosen career path, both present and future. Although John and Dana have done very well for themselves, they just felt they needed something more- something with purpose, personal responsibility, and drive.

What appealed to them about the Made in the Shade franchise opportunity was what appeals to many of our owners: the people. Before making their decision, Dana recalls a few inspirational first impression, “…first Eddie, (since he was our first point of contact), then of course Cathy, followed by several other owners, such as Matt Houston and Mike Kirby.” She especially loved that, …”even though Cathy is the CEO, she is never too busy to answer a text/ question AND that she loves all of her “family.”

Although John was also swayed by our Made in the Shade family, his main inspiration was a bit deeper. “I think it was the Lord that pointed me here,” John states, citing that he and Dana are proud and excited to be working alongside “a big stack of caring people that love Christ and love people.”

In their first year, their immediate business goals are to make back their investment plus 30-40% more. By the end of their first year, Dana would like to be able to quit her job as an executive assistant to fully support John and together, they want to have developed a business which runs on rhythm, process, procedure, and steady results.

In the long-term, John and Dana aim to “build a reputable Christ-focused business (which leaves a) footprint in the community, that echoes honesty and integrity.” This ambitious couple have a hope that one day their children and their families will want to take over the business they are building. They also plan to fund their grandchildrens’ college educations.

In their spare time, Dana and John love spending time with their family (especially their grandchildren). Dana enjoys anything having to do with photography and traveling, while John loves movies and working around the house. Eager to begin his Made in the Shade ownership journey, John exclaims, “I have a lot to learn, but for the first time, in a long time, I am excited to learn and work hard!”

Our Made in the Shade family is more than happy and excited to welcome John and Dana Briggs!

Contact John or Dana Today at:

703-330-MITS (6487)