We are delighted to welcome our new MITS franchise owners who just attended and completed our August training class! Among this amazing group of 6 stellar new owners are the following:

Derek and Debbie Hightower – Pearland, Texas

Tom, Betty and Derek Amendola – Lake Worth, Florida

Susan Coughlin – Low Country, South Carolina

Richard and Betty Parrish – Hattiesburg, Mississippi

Bob and Crystal Smutny – Kearney, Nebraska

Mandie VanBuren – Auburn, California

What a memorable and wonderful week of training we shared! 

We had a fabulous week of product training, marketing and sales helps, hands-on instruction with measuring and installation, and a whole lot of fun bonding with what promises to be lifelong friends! That’s one of the things that we love about our group. We are one big, happy family and our culture reflects this.

Our new owners are excited and ready to hit the ground running in their local marketplaces! Some of them already had appointments lined up once they completed training. Others, who were a bit more ambitious, have already made their first sale or two! Way to go new owners! The sky is the limit for this group, and we share in their excitement as they embark on their new journey to success.

Made in the Shade is now 100+ owners strong!

Made in the Shade is now over 100 franchise owners strong and growing! One thing we love about our steady and consistent growth is the caliber of quality people who represent our group. We are not looking to build with a checkbook and a heartbeat! In fact, our goal is quite the opposite. We are looking for dynamic and committed people who are seeking a lucrative career opportunity as an entrepreneur within an industry that promises financial freedom and success. Any of our owners will attest to our successful achievement of this goal. We love our MITS family and are so proud of the high caliber of people who represent our brand.

Welcome to our family, graduating August class! We faithfully commit and pledge our ongoing support toward your tremendous success.