Please welcome aboard our newest power couple, Crystal and Bob Smutney of Kearney, Nebraska! Made in the Shade Blinds and More is lucky to have this dynamic duo set their stake in the great state of Nebraska. They are not only hardworking and dedicated but eager and willing to learn. Prior to becoming a proud Made in the Shade owner, Crystal worked for over 15 years as a marketing email manager. Bob previously works in the oil and natural gas industry and has an extensive background as a residential contractor.  


The combination of Crystal’s desire to design and Bob’s talent with home renovations created an intriguing opportunity with Made in the Shade. Crystal sited, “the opportunity to help homeowners finish their homes, as well as to own and run our own business” as the leading reason she and her husband, Bob took their first steps on their Made in the Shade journey. 


Rather than a financial goal for their first year of business, the Smutney’s chose to walk a path that will inevitably lead them to financial success. They strive to learn as much as they can about the products that Made in the Shade offers in order to best serve the maximum number of clients possible. Long term, they want to continue to gain product knowledge, not only with our current selections but keeping up with the latest trends. Financially, they hope to achieve a net profit of at least $300,000. Ultimately, Bob and Crystal are determined to be able to serve customers in every city in their territory! Those are very ambitious goals, but these two are an ambitious power couple and we have no doubt they will succeed!

When they’re not working so hard or LEARNING so much, Crystal and Bob enjoy spending quality time with their family outdoors- specifically soaking up the lake life!

We look forward to your success! Welcome, Crystal and Bob!

Contact Crystal today at: 308-627-0191